MGM University        

    Education in the time of COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Theory lectures in online mode using e-Learning and digital platform

  2. Teaching & Learning shall continue on all days of the week;by way of scheduling smaller batches of students on allocated days in a week

  3. Practical sessions on all weekdays through formation of micro batches ( ten students per batch per lab in the dept.) & use of virtual laboratory platforms, wherever possible

  4. Use of technology enabled online assessment tools of students' performance such as Kahoot, Google Classroom, Open Text Based Assessment, Quizzes, Case Studies, etc.

  5. Learning Management System (LMS) software for tracking, benchmarking & report generation based on evaluation rubrics commensurate with Quality Management Systems like ISO,NAAC,NBA, etc.

  6. Online platform for Institute-Teacher-Parent-Student interaction

  7. Faculty training sessions for optimal & effective use of Digital infrastructure and also awareness(orientation) sessions for students about proposed pedagogical tools & processes

  8. Digital content creation taking into account copyright/IPR infringement issues

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