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Nikhil Malhotra

Mr. Nikhil Malhotra,
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Digital Transformation

It is fascinating to experience rapid evolution of technology over the time. When I was a kid, no one around me had a cell phone. We had one landline, only reserved for important or urgent uses. We listened to FM radio and recorded music on audio cassettes. Internet was still a theoretical idea at that time. We had online courses like this, but only in science fiction books. Now, not after many years, almost everybody is using a smart phone. Shopping, chatting, playing and even learning is online through smart phone. Thought of imagining life without internet itself is difficult one. Since decade or two, digital has not only affected our personal and social lives but has also fully transformed the market and no industry was immune.

Today we live in a rapidly progressing world where technology is developing and progressing every single day. Digital technologies allow us to take things and make them virtual. In current scenario, digital transformation is a necessary thing to run every business. Therefore it is necessary to understanding how IT-enabled changes in the business environment, and how insightful executives leverage IT to create value and win competitive battles

We know what actually digital means, it is just another way of talking about rapid adoption of technology. In the same waywhat transformation means, it is a complete makeover wherethe end result bears noresemblance to the starting point. Now, when thesetwo words combined together, it becomes “Digital Transformation”

What does digital transformation actually means? In simple words, Digital Transformation is “strategic planned organizational change by utilization of digital technologies into all areas of a business”. This starts with empowering employees with new methods to create highly responsive strategy and a fearless culture of innovation under the right leadership.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is utilisation of digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This reimagining of business in the digital age is the “digital transformation”. Tremendous amount of data is generated on every tick not only by individuals but also smart machines. Therefore there is a huge demand to utilise this data for the insight to business where Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things will play the vital role. This allows to emphasis on predictive and prescriptive analysis and insight to guide forward looking business decisions rather than simply measuring past performance.

Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, a constituent college of MGM University is the first and only institute in India to introduced a course on Digital Transformation approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). To address the digital transformation process, JNEC has partnered with Tech Mahindra to roll out a two year post graduate program in Digital transformation from academic year 2020-21. The objective of this interdisciplinary course to provide wide-ranging training to the students by percolating skills in competencies around digital transformation and technologies.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

This course is focussed to address Industry-Academia skill-gap in new edge technologies. This course based on four major pillars viz, offering software engineering with relevant processes, methods and tools to up skill students in new edge technologies, helping students to sharpen their skills in designing and applying digital system, involving the people as co-producer by focusing on user centred development, and equipping student in transversal skills with special focus on project development and hands-on training which improves the overall competencies of students.

The digital transformation journey of JNEC started with webinar series, where Industry expert of Tech Mahindra delivered the webinars on how digitization will help in agricultural sector and Industrial transformation using Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Along with this Tech Mahindra and JNEC working hand in hand to solve real-life problems in agricultural and small scale industries.

JNEC established Makers Lab in collaboration with Tech Mahindra, to create a platform for students, researches, and faculty members to lay down a strong foundation for a green and sustainable technological advancement. JNEC Makers Lab is used to tinker with disruptive technologies and building the innovative solutions that are pragmatic and effective. The lab is to develop Digital Twin to optimise user experience and frugal innovations.

Digital Transformation is changing the way of doing business where technology functions as enabler.