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Research: Foundation of Knowledge Based Economy

Dr. R. R. Deshmukh
Date: 1st July 2020

Research is simply the process of finding the new knowledge. The research process is used to discover the things which are required to study for the innovations. In simple words research can be defined as collection of the available information, analysis of the gathered information to develop the new knowledge. The objective of the research is to find out the fact which is totally unknown or to get the more information about the known fact. This research includes defining and redefining the problem again and again, collecting the relevant information, analyzing the collected data, making hypothesis and reaching to the conclusions. At the end we test those conclusions to satisfy the formulated hypothesis. There should be some motive for the research. It is either a research degree, desire to face the challenges during the research process, intellectual joy of creativity or service to the society.

The research and development activity leads to gather new knowledge through different activities. Those activities may be Academic, governmental or business activities which lead to development of new product or processes. Sometimes those activities may fail in reaching to the objectives but the motive is to expand the human understanding and to improve the society as a whole, because scientific research will be acting as foundation of knowledge based economies and successful research will provide competitive edge in this era of industry 4.0. Research and development activities are generally divided into two parts. First identifying the new problems or ideas and second to turn those ideas into useful products or processes. To cope with fast changing world, it is necessary for all the teachers and students to keep up with the new research trends to remain innovative and competitive.

The output of the research is nothing but the building of the knowledge, analysis of the collected data, development of learning attitude, awareness of the current issues, exploration of new opportunities and mental exercise.

Research at JNEC

The promotion of research and development work in JNEC is prime focus of research & development cell. High quality research work results into enhancement in quality of teaching and learning. At JNEC, academics provide lot of scope for research work. More than 40 professors are with doctoral degree with 20-25 years of experience, several faculty members are pursuing research work leading to Ph.D. degree and students are also contributing actively towards research work through the master’s degree.

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Research Facilities

In pursuit of Excellence as a part of JNEC’s Industry-Academia Initiative, Innovation, Incubation and Research Center (IIRC) has been established to promote research and technical skills. IIRC is first of its kind for engineering college to come up with the unique state of the art infrastructure which will meet the skilling demands of several Industries.

The main objective of this center is to provide learning opportunities to the students by working on latest industrial software, equipments and upgrade their knowledge. This center will also provide platform for students to work on live industrial projects and seeks solutions to the industrial problems. The major facilities at IIRC includes, dedicated labs for Advance Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, Industrial Fluid Power, Industry 4.0, E-Vehicle and Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Modern facilities of these labs are set up in association with Christiani Sharpline, Germany and SSIGMA, Pune.

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To explore all aspects of research in robotics, Industrial robotics lab is equipped with YASKAWA and TAL BRABO robots. Endress+Hauser group, a world renowned industry house from Switzerland and a global leader in measurement and instrumentation for industrial process engineering has developed a lab of process equipments and measurements at JNEC. This synergistic association with industry leader will provide students with opportunity to explore real industrial practices in JNEC campus itself.

In another first of its kind initiative, MSC Software (USA), the international leader in simulation software and services, in association with SSIGMA has collaborated with JNEC to establish an Advanced Centre for Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping, Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone Lab). Industry recommended advance simulation software such as Adams, Actran, Nastran, Simufact, ImageGenerator, RoadDesigner, OpenDrive, V-TRAFFIC/V--SCENARIO will be made available to students for research and development work. These softwares will be utilized for design, modeling and validation of experimental results. Through their portal, MSC software has paved the path to number of job opportunities available with their business co-partners.

IIRC is a gateway to infinite prospects for the student to take their knowledge to the next level and acquire industry oriented skills. Research attitude with entrepreneurial approach and unique industry exposure endorsed and nurtured by highly skilled staff at IIRC will develop employability of students to prepare them for multiple career opportunities.

Research & Development Work:

Notable contribution under R & D cell includes completion of my research projects funded by AICTE, UGC worth Rs. 22, 50,000/-. These funded projects involved research work on machining processes such as turning and micromachining.

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Recently, students undertake community project of pedal operated washing machine which brings many accolades for the student developers.

Other student work under R&D Cell includes development of Ploughing attachment for agricultural use, Rolling shutter attachment, IoT based Home automation, 3D Printed shed, Bird repellant, 3D Printer, Masonry dome and CNC machine retrofitting.

(Author is Professor from Department of Mechanical Engineering and working as Dean of Research and Development Cell of Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College which is constituent part of MGM University, Aurangabad.)