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The magnificence of Electronics and Telecommunication lies in its ubiquity!

By: Prof. Aniket Patil (
Date: 12th June 2020

For a layman, Electronics and Telecommunication (E&TC) engineers are typically those people who belong to a human breed, surrounded by electronic circuits and instruments, working in some sophisticated lab! But, in this 21st century i.e. the digital age of humanity, E&TC has now become an integral part of our everyday lives. From mobile phones, televisions, computers to aeroplanes, high-end satellites and complex industrial automated systems; electronics is omnipresent. Everything has an electronic system built-in.The growth rate of technologies in E&TC field is four to five times higher than any other engineering stream. This unprecedented increase has skyrocketed the need for innovation in E&TC streams like Automation, Avionics,

Internet of Things (IoT), Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Telecom, E-Vehicles and Nano Electronics. In Avionics and Aerospace, ISRO has marked a significant achievement by developing heavy life rockets.This reputed organisation is now working on reusable launch vehicle, supersonic aircrafts and robot co-pilot. In India’s defence sector, with the strong push for ‘Make in India’, many modern high-tech warfare systems, tracking, navigation and communication systems have been designed and developed indigenously by DRDO. This work on defence and military applications will eventually give rise to more new avenues which will play a crucial role in the country’s propelling growth. Robotics and automation are an integrated part of any Industry. It majorly works on the sensing equipment and usage hardware and software to control the action required based on the sensed parameter.

Currently, all the Industries in India are focussed on automating processes and making these processes more innovative. This trend will complement and augment human labour by performing routine as well as risky or dangerous tasks. The E&TC engineers have the responsibility to design these systems.

Over the last couple of decades, India has become a vast marketplace of consumer electronics appliances. Having identified the huge demand-supply gap, Indian government is pushing and encouraging the start-ups and also reframing its policies to best suit the creation of electronics manufacturing clusters here in India. The IoT is going to revolutionise everything by leaps and bounds in the next five years. It is indeed the future, a game changer and is a sub-stream of E&TC. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, GOI has also come-up with a concrete plan to modernize the agricultural sector and hence boost the productivity. So, there are numerous opportunities for students in Agriculture Electronics. This pivotal factor will propel India’s economy.

From the recent introduction of 4G in India, we have experienced the high-speed connectivity and have recognised how this move is leading our country to destine truly as ‘Digital India.’ The advancements in the telecom sector have absolutely no end to it. This sector has created plethora of job opportunities with eye-catching salaries for the E&TC engineers. The main advantage of opting for E&TC as an engineering stream is that the students become eligible for not only core electronics and telecom jobs but also for IT jobs. This stream is unique as the students learn to design as well as program the systems. Software is incomplete without Hardware and E&TC engineers are masters in both! E&TC is an indispensable part of modern human life.

The magnificence of Electronics and Telecommunication

AURIC is one of the India’s first Greenfield industrial smart cities developed over an area of 10,000 acres in Maharashtra, as part of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

The recent establishment of AURIC (Aurangabad Industrial City) is the biggest testimonial of the lakhs of incoming employment opportunities for E&TC engineers. The only pre-requisite is that the students must enhance their required skills while undergoing their graduation at MGM University (MGMU) E&TC department, we take complete responsibility of the same. MGMU’s E&TC department has filled the gap between academia and the industry. Here, the syllabus as been meticulously designed and finalized by the professors and renowned industry experts. The MGMU campus has a state of art Innovation, Incubation and Research Centre (IIRC) equipped with advanced technological platform and labs of renowned International MNCs from USA, Japan and Germany. MGMU’s E&TC department has an excellent mix of research, teaching and facilities. In this environment, it becomes very easy to come up with exciting ideas to work on and thus play a major role in developing new technologies. Our department ensures that the students are well-groomed technically with skills that are in high demand in the corporate world. Do you feel curious enough to learn about all these smart technologies in depth? If your answer is affirmative then opting E&TC branch at MGMU is a wise choice!

(Author is Assistant Professor from Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering of Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College which is constituent part of MGM University, Aurangabad.)