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The beginning of a new journey- Engineering life!!

By: Dr. Parminder Kaur
Head Training & Placement (

As I observe students who start their engineering journey, I see a mix of personalities coming together to learn. Some students who are shy during first few days, start opening up as they get comfortable in the new surroundings. Other students who are confident, start participating in various extra-curricular and hobby club activities of college and gain exposure that helps them grow further. Everyone starts growing from the moment they enter college premises.

As a mentor to students, I also get opportunities to learn a lot of things from them. Through various interactions & discussions, I try my best to help students become comfortable and feel encouraged to start sharing their ideas, fears & challenges. Every interaction leads to developing of stronger bond. Apart from regular routine of lectures and laboratory sessions, large number of activities like interaction with industry experts, workshops on latest trends, cultural activities and sports activities help students learn the art of life.

Last week I have shared experiences of engineering life of one of my student, Omkar. Today’s article is journey of Prachi’s engineering life in her own words.

“My life towards engineering started from the diploma college. At the beginning of engineering, I wasn’t really interested in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology, but later on I got used to with it and found a new interest in coding and designing. I was more interested to work in electronics field, particularly in the field of robotics. As I started learning about building web sites in first year of engineering. it changed my mind and gave me a direction into computer science and engineering.

Engineering was not my top most area of interest. As a small child, I was always fascinated by doctors. But due to some personal experiences, my interest changed to engineering. First year into diploma was more of a “must-do” task as my interest in learning the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and English was little low. As second year started, I learnt about web designing and C which made me gave me more confidence of being in my actual field of interest. In the beginning, it was tough to understand the concepts, but my persistence made it easy for me. Web Page designing became my favorite subject at that time. Afterwards core subjects like .Net, C#, Microprocessor programming, Java EE, Java SE, Computer Graphics seemed to be new challenges. Java, Industrial Management and Mobile Computing were my favorite subjects in third year.


After completion of diploma, I decided to take admission in JNEC to learn more of my interest area in Computer Science and Engineering. First day was all about the completion of admission process and it was a bit hectic to find all places like Old Auditorium, Central Computing lab and Library, as I had never visited the college before. It was a great experience for me, as I was the only student who completed the admission process without my parents help for the first time and I realized how much efforts our parents take for our education. On the same day, I received my college I- Card and was given proper instructions to join college from next day. That looked funny to me as in Diploma we had a 2-week long vacation after taking admission and before starting of academics. The faculty member at the admission desk suggested to me and my friends that we should go to department and check classrooms and labs. We understood directions from her and started exploring the huge campus. The whole campus was new and it was a bit difficult to get to our department. We went through floors and discovered all the departments to finally get ours. In department also, one faculty member was available to us who explained about timetable and told us to start attending college from next day at 10.30am in uniform.

My first day was difficult as all the subjects except Mathematics-3 were new, the teachers and the attendance system was not familiar to us. My confidence boosted in next few days as I found two new friends among the regular students (I am direct second year student, after diploma). Since that day everything was fun and a new experience. Since then, I found many changes in myself. My confidence level, my way of speaking, my studying style, communication skills, team building skills and management skills all boosted due to this college.

This college has given me lot of opportunities to learn new things, to correct my mistakes, to know what people really think about me, to decide an agenda for every work, to communicate and respect others. We are also given many opportunities to meet industry experts and visits to industry to look into their work culture. I have worked in different activities like Technical event, Swayambhu and Training & Placement office where I learnt to accept and correct mistakes, to work with seniors, super seniors and juniors also, to follow official procedures, to be self-confident, to know and work over weaknesses, to enjoy with friends, to work sincerely every time, to find and take opportunity to help others and society and to take a stand for the decisions. Every time I was appreciated by my teachers for whatever contribution I made.

Now that only few days are left in this college, I am a bit worried about how I would perform in future life as there will be new people and they are experienced, my superiors and I should be good to them all the time. But I have confidence that all the learning which I got from JNEC will surely help me there and I will miss all this in my new life.

I promise you that I will always make you and JNEC proud of me.”

As I read about Prachi’s experiences, I felt prouder to be part of this esteemed organization. She is presently studying in final year and has got campus placement in TCS. I as her mentor and teacher found her to be in her cocoon and reserved during her initial days at JNEC. After learning for a period of three years at JNEC, I can see a very confident, technically skilled and responsible person in Prachi now. JNEC plays a very vital role in shaping up the persona of every student who studies here.

Next week, be ready to read some other student’s journey of engineering at JNEC.