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The beginning of a new journey- First few days of engineering!!

By: Dr. Parminder Kaur
Head Training & Placement (

When I interact with students who are aiming to become engineers, during their starting days into first year of engineering, I see different type of personalities coming together on this journey of engineering.Few students are very confident and it is evident from their body language, few are intimidated with the fear of unknowns like what we have to do? How we have to do? few are struggling with daily routine as they are staying away from their parents for the first time.

I as a teacher try to understand students’ state of mind from their behavior, body language and activities. Students are exposed to entirely new routine of engineering, attending lectures, performing practical experiments in labs and workshop. College conducts a student-induction program for all first year students to make them comfortable in this routine, where no lectures and practical are conducted for more than a fortnight. Activities like art, craft, guest lectures, yoga, dance, music, introduction to various engineering courses and interaction with teachers and students are carried out. When I spoke to some students about their experiences of first year in engineering, here is what I got. Read on…

One of my student, Omkar shared

“I was poor in the subject, biology so I decided to go with mathematics which is somewhat difficult and needs lot of practice to solve sums but not like biology where I had to just read and remember things. I was doing well in mathematics and chemistry but again physics was bit tough for me but I managed it somehow. Two years passed and I started preparing for board exams and secured good marks. I didn’t get very high scores in entrance exam and when people enquired about my expected score, I used to feel bad sometimes. As I am from Nanded, my parents were discussing to keep me in same city but I wanted to stay in a hostel for engineering and my grandfather supported me in this. Then I got admitted to JNEC and moved to Aurangabad city. I was very excited and enthusiastic for engineering but there was fear in me that how will I manage all things without my family as I have to live in a hostel.The day before leaving for Aurangabad, I was upset and few of friends and relatives gathered at home which made me cry and my father asked me to cancel the admission, but my grandfather stood by me as a strong support system and asked me to be confident and go ahead.


Travelling from Nanded to Aurangabad I was upset and just thinking of upcoming days. The starting days were tough because I didn’t know anyone but slowly I made many friends at the hostel. The induction program helped to know more about college culture, teachers, classmates to be, and the seniors conducting the induction program. The different activities in college helped to brush-up my knowledge. The friends which I made in first year are the still my friends. They are the one who always stand by my side and we celebrate all different festivals together and now I have a family away from my home here in form of hostel and college friends.

All the teachers are very supportive and good supervisors for the academic activities. I am doing very well in studies and improving myself in every perspective because of the relationships I have made with my friends, teachers and other people at college. I am also a NSS volunteer where I participate in social activities and work with society at grass root level to understand their mind set. I am also a Training and Placement office student coordinator since my second year of engineering and all the activities has helped me to improve team work, soft skills, communication skills, team-management skills, and many more. I am still learning…..”

I am very happy that Omkar has shared about his experience of the beginning of his journey. He is presently studying in third year. I as his mentor and teacher found him to be little shy and nervous during his initial days at JNEC. As shared by him and I also observed he has now become a very confident, responsible and committed person.

JNEC as an institute takes a very holistic approach for all round development of students. A large number of student centric activities are conducted to groom students in becoming versatile engineers to match the global standards. We have been witnessing success stories of many such engineers graduating from JNEC, who are presently working at various top positions across the globe. We aspire to continue working in this direction of creating self-reliant, life-long learners and competent technocrats imbued with human values."

Next week I will be sharing another story of someone’s journey of engineering.