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Coursera for MGM University: Digital Skilling Infrastructure

By: Mr. C Mane
Date: 21st June 2021

Recently, the world passed the one-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most challenging global crises since World War-II. The impact on education systems has been particularly staggering. At the peak of the pandemic, school as well as university closures affected students' regular mode of learning, and universities were abruptly required to shift their programs online. Keeping the realization of the current situation, one must transition into a new normal. As everyone is trying to adapt with new public health measures, same is the case with education systems. Universities shifting to online learning with available digital resources and this will be a part of education for the foreseeable future even after the pandemic.

To improve student experiences for the long term, many universities are taking advantage of enhanced synchronous and asynchronous online learning. Additionally, universities are creating their own digital content for both educators and students. Among these universities, some are turning to established online education platforms for access to online courseware. Online learning platform provides access to online courses, guided projects, and professional certificates from the top leading universities and companies. Coursera for Campus program is one of the leading learning platform helping universities across the globe with online education transformation by offering job-relevant, multi-disciplinary learning to students and faculty members.

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MGM University had partnered with the Coursera for Campus to foster blended learning and keeping pace with rapid technological advancements. Under the umbrella of the Coursera campus platform, MGM University students and faculty members can access over 5000+ courses and 1000+ guided hands-on learning projects from world-class universities and companies like Google, IBM, Intel, etc. This enabled MGM University to leapfrog into the future by providing ready-to-go digital infrastructure for online learning. Coursera platform helped to enhance the core teaching, and offering credit-eligible courses for minor and honours degrees by considering academic integrity and assessment methods. Faculty members and students are using Coursera as supplemental learning to up-skill and catch up on emerging areas. Faculty members can make use of Coursera’s personal authoring tools to create tailored assessments, courses, and hands-on projects for the MGM University students exclusively. Coursera’s powerful learning analytics helps to improve the learner’s outcomes by tracking the student’s skill mastery and growth. These analytics brought assurance to the kind of skill imparted to students.

In nutshell, it’s a complete “Online Learning Platform” for MGM University where faculty members benefited from access to high-quality courseware, and students dived into learning new skills on their own. Faculty members are also using content on Coursera to upgrade or develop their own knowledge and skills, primarily for use in teaching their courses. Student academic engagements were maintained with Coursera even in the gloomy pandemic situation. This improved the students learning experiences and enriched the students’ learning curve so as to make the education eco-system sustainable. Online certificates from Coursera can help students become more employable in today’s market.

Through online learning with Coursera, students are developing cutting-edge skills such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, digital marketing, and Python programming. Students are also developing important transversal skills such as learning how to learn and the real-time application of theoretical concepts into industries and real-life experiences as a capstone project. Students can access and learn any kind, of course, available in the domain of Engineering, Science, Management & Commerce, Liberal Arts & Humanities, and Healthcare. This resulted in students developing self-regulation and autonomy in learning that will be making a big positive impact.

(Author is Assistant Professor from Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College (JNEC) which is constituent college of MGM University, Aurangabad)