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By: Dr. Arvind L. Chel (
Date: 12th August 2021

The engineering programs are becoming popular with time and many students are now opting for these professional courses after their class 12 board exams or diploma. Also, students have a keen interest in the selection of engineering programs and Institutes based on the current trends and the infrastructure available at the particular Institute/University. Always, there is demand for engineering graduates having additional skills developed through their efforts so that they are ready to work in any industry of their choice.

These additional skills are developed when students undergo through campus event management like TEDx JNEC at the campus; internship at industry; work in a team for mini/major projects; learn industry required software skills; get involved with additional projects related to a product design; actively participate for hands-on experience at the workshop/undergo training on machine tools such as CNC Lathe/ Engraving Machine/ 3D printer/ Robots/ Drone/ E-vehicle laboratory equipment, emerging trends like Industry 4.O etc. In addition to these technical skills, one should have excellent soft skills with better communication and team management for group activities/projects.

A student should participate in sports activities organized at Institute/National level so that engineering students are not only good with technical skills but also an active sportsperson. Industry recruitment of graduate engineers has focused not only on the program performance grades but also on additional software skills, hands-on experience/internship, projects, soft skills, offline/online courses undertaken, e.g. Coursera and NPTEL conducted online by field experts. All these skills develop to make an engineer confident and ready for the industry. This results in graduate engineer career development as well as placements. The student activities both technical as well as campus event organization will lead to developing them with all facets especially product development and team management. Students are motivated for participating in activities in both sports and technical competitions, paper presentations, organizing campus events, and participate in skill-based workshops to develop various skills of an engineering student.

The students of Mechanical engineering should have basic skills of measuring instruments, use of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and Microsoft Excel (for data analysis), SAP (for supply chain analysis), Minitab (for statistical analysis), Autodesk (2D/3D CAD Models), and basic knowledge of machine tools with CNC/VMC operation, etc. There are advanced software skill requirements from industry in the field CAD/CAM software such as CATIA, Solid Works, Pro-E/Creo, Autodesk, Ansys, etc.

Source: Photograph by author of Students working on CATIA Software at CAD/CAM Laboratory


Skill development in graduating engineers has become one of the prime factors for their career development as well as better placement from the campus interviews. Many steps have been taken to cater to the need of skill development of students at the institute especially at the Department of Mechanical Engineering by introducing the “Ready Engineer Program” in association with Industry partner Tata Technologies, Pune. This program had started from the academic year 2018-2019 for Third Year Mechanical Engineering students. Institute has signed MOU with TATA Technologies, Pune on Feb. 23, 2018, for implementing the said “Ready Engineer Program” at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College.

Ready Engineer is TATA Technologies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative. A training ecosystem is provided for Faculty Members or Trainers as well as Mechanical Engineering students on industry practices and insights on Automotive Design and relevant software tools along with other training for the development of soft skills, employability assessment, NPTEL scholarship, projects. This program aims to build the employability skills of engineers ready to work in the industry.

In order to bridge the gap with Industry, Tata Technologies, Pune has developed “i-Get-IT” online learning platform for training various software and automobile design technical video lecture sessions by the industry experts for the engineering students. The industry ready engineer program has key benefits to the industry such as making the availability of skill full ready engineers ready to work in the industry, less time to train the graduate engineers after their recruitment, chance to receive the innovative inputs to the industry from the freshers which lead to new product design and development. Institute has benefits to implement this ready engineer program since the student’s employability gets enhanced due to their better placement, an opportunity for student’s interactions through industry experts lectures, soft skill courses, and NPTEL scholarships, learning certified software training courses, new product design capabilities developed among the engineering students and recognition from the industry TATA Technologies, Pune as a certified ready engineer. Tata Technologies, Pune has uploaded on the website the testimonials of the bright students of Ready Engineer from Top Ready Engineer colleges associated with the industry. Student testimonials clearly reflected the importance of this “Ready Engineer Program” conducted at the Institute in association with TATA Technologies, Pune.

Source: Testimony of JNEC alumni 2019-20 at

Source: Photograph during visit to MGM Smt. Rukminidevi Autism Foundation, Aurangabad

This program not only covers the technical content related to automobile design with a strong intention towards industry-oriented skill development for engineering students. This Ready Engineer Program has focused on soft skill development which covers major aspects of communication, professional ethics, personal development, career building, and project management tools covering the few program outcomes and program-specific outcomes and helps to achieve the vision and mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Department of Mechanical Engineering students have participated “Ready Engineer Program” every year since 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 and continuing. Institute is pleased to mention that TATA Technologies, Pune has evaluated the “Ready Engineer Program” performance of various institutions and announced on June 1, 2021 “Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College” as the top certified ready engineering college in the cluster during the academic year 2020-21 among all ready engineering colleges across India. As part of the volunteering social activity of the Ready Engineer Program, Institute Faculty members along with engineering students have conducted many social activities. One such special social activity conducted on April 2, 2019, is the observing of the autism day with school by students and Faculty members by interaction and donation of study materials for the specially challenged students of MGM Smt. Rukminidevi Autism Foundation, Aurangabad along with Dr. Rashmi Jaybhaye, Dr. H. H. Shinde (Principal, JNEC), Dr. M. S. Kadam (HoD), Faculty members Dr. Arvind L. Chel, Mr. S. L. Thengade, Mr. M. N. Bargir, and students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

(Author is Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Ready Engineer Program and Associate Professor from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College (JNEC) which is the constituent college of MGM University, Aurangabad.)