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Avocation and Engineering

By: A.M. Mohsin (
Date: 31st July 2020

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” ― Oscar Wilde

In engineering education the student’s main focus is on acquiring knowledge and developing technical skills, which is imperative for successfully moving from campus to corporate. It is usual business for students to keep themselves busy throughout four year of engineering with regular academics, writing assignments, preparing for midterm and end term university exams.

While many of the students following this suite, some others pursue their engineering education along with nurturing their hobbies and turning it into passions.

It is well said that pursuing hobby helps to develop creative mindset and harmony, maintains mental health, reduces stress, and above all bolsters confidence. This confidence is reflected in other academic activities of students through sheer hard work.

Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College has identified these needs of the students in early days of college itself and established various platforms to address these needs. JNEC has a broad spectrum of hobby clubs under the mentoring of enthusiastic professors. These dedicated clubs are working for promoting arts such as for paintings, dance, music, drama, innovation, nature, poetry and photography. Razzmatazz - Annual social gathering of JNEC is epitome of elegant performances of these various art forms by students. Vibrant and spirited environment of JNEC has blended in developing its own JNEC culture wherein students’ success in extracurricular activities has aptly complimenting their success in academics and final placements.

Firodiya Karandak-2020 JNEC Team

(Firodiya Karandak-2020 JNEC Team)

Best Debut team – Firodiya Karandak -2018

(Best Debut team – Firodiya Karandak -2018)

Abhivyakti – A drama club is one of the most vibrant hobby club in JNEC, coordinating student participation in various renowned drama competitions like Firodiya Karandak, Purushottam Karandak and University youth festivals. Mostly all the dramas presented in these competitions garnered many accolades from competition judges and audience. One of the initial dramas titled “Jaaniv” was based on student life, where a he tries to hide his poor financial condition from his roommates and another emotional drama “Manse” portrays attempt of group of monkeys to safeguard their family from the cruelty of humans. Exemplary performances by students in acting, music and other art forms in “Manse” resulted into team winning Best Debutant Award in Firodiya Karandak-2018.

Same year, in Purushottam karandak-2018, the drama “Ruhi” was presented based on relationship between father and daughter with terrorism in backdrop. For this drama Ms. Maithili Pujari, student of Mechanical Engineering department received “Uttejanarth” (Consolation) prize for playing the lead role of Ruhi.

In Firodiya Karandak-2019, drama “Tee... Tay…Anee” based on women empowerment, won many awards in different categories. This drama has stamped that JNEC has talented artist many art categories in addition to convincing actors. Mr. Pranav Shankar, student of Architecture department won first prize for Karnatki singing. First prize for thread art was bagged by Mr. Saket Chavan, student of Civil Engineering department. Second prize for puzzle painting shared between Mr. Vaibhav Choudhary, student of Mechanical Engineering department and Ms. Vaishnavi Raut, student of Computer Science and Engineering department.

Latest leg of Firodiya Karandak-2020 has JNEC entry in form of drama titled “Maadi”, captivating story based on human cruelty against wild animals. Ms. Mrunal Kulakrni, student of Computer Science and Engineering department and Ms. Gauri Joshi, student of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department has won the prize in acting category for their performances in pre primary rounds of the Karandak.

Best Thread Art – Firodiya Karandak -2019

(Best Thread Art – Firodiya Karandak -2019)

Rukhmini Auditorium

(Rukhmini Auditorium)

For the rehearsal of these performances, students make most of the world class facilities available in campus. Rukmini Auditorium, state of the art facility which was praised by many renowned theatre artists, is equipped with necessary light and acoustic facilities which add another dimension to drama presentation in theatre. In addition, campus has two open stages, old auditorium near central library, Einstein Hall and Aryabhata Hall.

JNEC culture is not only about the infrastructure but it is enthusiastic support from its all stakeholders such as management of the MGM, office bearers of JNEC, teachers, senior students and alumni. This culture has surely played its part in the successful journey of JNEC alumni like Mr. Sameer Patil, Famous film director who has four Marathi movies to his credit (Poshter Boys, Shentimental, Vikun Taak, Poshter Girl) and Mr. Satyajit Kharkar, famous film maker, writer and poet (Director of film Coin Toss and few short films).

Explicit guidance, stimulating inspiration and consistent support for JNEC students in nurturing hobbies has ensured versatile development of these students. This dynamic JNEC culture has surely enhanced the performance of JNEC students in technical domains also.

(Author is Coordinator for Abhiyakti – JNEC Drama Club and Assistant Professor from Department of Information Technology of Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College which is constituent college of MGM University, Aurangabad)