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Accommodations at JNEC

Hostel Life at JNEC

Indeed, hostel life is the most exuberant time in the life of any student and undeniably an enduring experience amongst the treasured life moments.

MGM University truly promotes Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Sarvodaya’ model which means universal upliftment or progress for all. Believing the same, at MGM campus the objective of providing accommodation is to offer a safe and comfortable homely stay with intellectual stimulation, cross cultural interaction, building discipline as well as imbibing the freedom with responsibility where it plays a vital role in the mental, moral and spiritual development of a student’s personality.

During the course of time students develop the virtues of punctuality, regularity, discipline and build their self-confidence. The most essential element of hostel life is the probability of making new friends, where students from different families, having different habits stay together under one roof which empowers the ability to develop a good understanding of different natures and minds.

MGM University, over the past four decades, has established a culture of safe and secured environment at its hostels, being governed by an administrative body that includes warden, the assistant warden etc- are located at walk-able distances. And each of the four hostels viz. BAA hostel, GANGA hostel, INDRAYANI hostel and BAPU hostel offers variety of accommodation options from Single, Two, Three and Four sharing rooms having options like AC/Non AC rooms, with attached/ shared toilets. The students have choice to select as per their suitability. The plethora of committees and subcommittees, disciplinary policies helps to reinforce the safe and healthy environments of each hostel campus. The overall human resources, infrastructure and ambience are such that any fresher get easily absorbed into the atmosphere.

Chancellor's Message

My warm greetings to all MGM hostel students, their parents and esteemed visitors.

It gives me enormous inclination to welcome you all to be a part of MGM family that strives to provide students a homely and healthy atmosphere with complete safety and security in the hostel.

At the hostels of MGM, we not only take efforts to provide our students with a neat and clean environment and a comfortable place to live in, but encourage them to live in discipline. We understand discipline is the key to success and career-building, hence we promote self-discipline among students.

We know hostel life is a union of diverse cultures and different upbringings, which blends into harmony for a rich and memorable experience. We provide an atmosphere where they can learn, laugh and live to the fullest. The Wardens and caretakers ensure that the students get a clean, green and relaxed atmosphere. We promote green sustainability inside the hostel premises.

MGM hostel infrastructure is fastened with amenities like 24-hour power supply, clean and hygienic environment, spacious and comfortable rooms, central air conditioning cooling system, clean toilets, periodic disinfection of building, mess with dedicated staff, nutritious menu with variety, laundry support, activity room, playgrounds, 24 hours medical facility and many more things inside hostel campus and 24-hour security and a lot more.

The inmates of the hostel are encouraged to live in harmony, like one big family, offering each other a helping hand whenever required. Our wardens and caretakers take immense care of all our students. Mutual cooperation is to make hostel life a rich and fruitful experience for one and all!

My warm wishes are with you for your outstanding academic careers.

Shri. A. N. Kadam
Rector's Message

Greetings to all the students!

In these days of totally urbanized atmosphere, the MGM Campus is like a breath of fresh air set amidst lush greenery and with a highly surcharged interactive atmosphere between students, faculties and mentors.

We strive to offer an atmosphere for students to help them lead a comfortable life on the campus and pursue their studies in a pleasant, homely environment. The hostel life of students is a significant part of their life where they live away from their parents, experience a newfound independence, make new friends, expand their horizon of activities, and learn to make their own decisions.

Throughout life, students remember the time they have spent in hostels during their studies.

The hostel is looked after by the warden and residential warden who are responsible for making vital decisions for the smooth running and maintenance of hostels and maintaining discipline in hostels. While we ensure that good campus life is provided to the students, at the same time, students have the responsibility to abide by the rules of the hostel that are very important and must be followed in totality. Following rules makes our life disciplined, which brings a positive, permanent chemical change that precipitates into self-discipline for the rest of our life.

Students can contact their wardens any time to discuss any hostel related matter or any personal matter at any given point of time. Therefore, while leading a disciplined life in hostels, the students must ensure that there is no incident of ragging. A healthy atmosphere is promoted on the campus, where students have a friendly interaction with each other and help each other

I extend my hearty welcome to all the entrants in the MGM University hostels. I wish them a happy and healthy campus life, and I wish that they make their great careers for themselves and be worthy to serve the country. Thanking you and with regards!

Mrs. Prerna Dalvi
Warden's Message

Dear Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all at MGM Campus.

In my capacity as the Assistant Warden of MGM Hostel, I am delighted to inform you that our dedicated team of wardens supported by adequate staff members is committed to provide you with utmost care for a comfortable stay coupled with desirable ambience for academic, cultural, extra-curricular and overall personality development.

As Associate wardens, we are the immediate advisor, friend, philosopher and guide to the students as and when need arises. For day- to- day activities related to hostel matter, adequate supporting staff (care taker, maintenance staff) is readily available. Each of the hostels have complete utilities available.

I am sure, you will enjoy your stay in the campus and become responsible and enlightened citizens of India with capability to face and resolve all types of challenges in the greater interest of society and the country as a whole.

We are sure you will achieve all that you have set out to achieve for a highly successful career and more than that to be a good human being. A career that your parents have had always wished you for.

I wish you all the best for your comfortable, cordial and productive stay at MGM.

Mrs. Yogita Padul
How to Apply

    Seats are distributed among the students of all the streams.

  1. Admission is given as per First Come- First Served Basis

  2. Availability of vacancies should be checked well in advance

  3. Hostel registration forms, available during Hostel admissions in the Hostel Administrative Office at MGM Ganga Hostel, are to be filled and submitted to the Wardens.

  4. Registration forms duly filled are to be submitted to the Wardens immediately after completion of college admission formalities.

  5. College fee receipt is required to be shown at the time of registration.
Hostel Details

Sr. No.Name of hostelType of AccommodationRoomsCapacity
1Ganga- Girls Hostel2 seater (attached)1530
  3 seater (attached)49
  2 seater (common)612
  3 seater (common)76228
  4 Seater (Nursing)1560
2Baa- Girls Hostel1 seater (attached)3636
  2 seater (attached)1632
  3 seater (attached)824
  4 seater (attached)1352
3Indrayani- Girls Hostel2 seater104208
4Bapu- Boys Hostel2seater (attached)3264
  3seater (attached)618
  3seater (common)1133
  4seater (attached)312
5Gandhi Dham Boys HostelTwo Seater AC24
  Three Seater AC618
  Three Seater Common1236
6Sports Boys Hostel (D)Two Seater (AC)1224
7 Yamuna- Boys HostelThree Seater Common1224

Sr. No.

Name of Hostel

Budgeted Fees 2021-22 (in INR)

Single Seater (Attach)

Two Seater (Attach)

Three Seater

Four Seater




Hostel-A (Ganga Girls Hostel)







Hostel-B (Baa Girls Hostel)







Hostel-C (Club Indrayani Girls Hostel)


1,80,400/- (AC)





Hostel-D (Bapu Boys Hostel)







Hostel (Boys) Gandhi Dham Hostel









Hostel (Boys) Yamuna Hostel






***Note: Deposit for all hostels is Rs 10,000 + Adminstration Fees of Rs 1,000/- (Both for First Year only)


All the four hostel blocks facilitate comfortable stay of the residents through nicely developed infrastructure like:

  • Visitor’s Hall- There is a tastefully decorated hall where resident students may receive their relatives and friends.
  • Mess and Dining Hall- Spacious, neat and clean dine space with best infrastructure
  • V. / Common Hal- Along with watching T.V. students can carry out small birthday celebrations etc.
  • Study Halls- Students can study in properly located, spacious and pleasantly furnished halls having generator back up, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Each resident is provided with a bed, one built-in wardrobe / almirah, a chest of drawers, one study table and chair and a book rack mounted on the wall. Every room has a mirror, ceiling fan and a waste paper basket.
  • Resident students are required to bring their own personal mattress, pillow, quilt, blankets, bed linen, towels, curtains, bucket and mug, coffee mug and spoon (any other personal utensils), thermos flask, torch, hot water bottle, thermometer, lock and key and duster (for dusting their rooms). All electrical gadgets are strictly prohibited in the rooms.
  • Laundry Facilities- Ironing and washing services are available on payment
  • Purified drinking water facility in common areas on every floor with 24 hours supply. All the toilets with continuous water supply and bathing units have provision of hot water taps.
  • Sports Facilities- The beauty of MGM Campus lies in the sports infrastructure available for the residents. Along with the extensive Playgrounds, it offers a wide range of sports activities such as badminton courts, shooting ranges, basket ball coaching, swimming, Gym and fitness club etc. Residents interested can avail the facility in reasonable fees by joining MGM sports Club, Naturopathy Centre etc.
Rules and Policies

Rules and Policy Structure

Campus life in the hostel premises is really enthusiastic with a series of festive celebrations, cultural celebrations, and meditation and fitness activities. However, to achieve this equal concern to food and health, cleanliness and hygiene, discipline and success, pleasure and excitement has been given through the following rules and policy structure.

General Discipline

  2. No student should accompany his or her friend’s parents or relatives after 8.30pm and no parent have the authority to take their wards hostelite friends out with them after 8.30pm.
  3. Students residing in the hostel are hereby informed that those willing to stay with their Local Guardian should leave the hostel premises before 8.30pm with prior permission from warden.
  4. No student will be allowed to report / proceed for hometown/from hometown after 8:30pm and before 6:00 am unless prior permission of Institute head.
  5. All the students are informed to sign the attendance muster at 8.30pm or else will be liable for fine.
  6. Other than Institutional visits, picnics, educational tour no student is allowed to go on picnics, trips (out of Aurangabad). On violation of this rule strict action will be taken.

Regulations for Residents

  1. The resident is responsible for care and maintenance of the room and furniture provided, including locks and latches. Residents are expected to keep their rooms and surroundings tidy. It is anticipated that residents will not disfigure the wall with additional nails, no pictures fixed on the wall or cupboard.
  2. Any vandalism will be subject to strict punitive action.
  3. Rooms are subject to check by the Warden / Discipline In-Charge / Superintendent at any time.
  4. Light and fan should be switched off while leaving the rooms.
  5. Residents are expected to maintain silence in the rooms and the corridors. Every student is expected to be in her room and maintain silence after 11P.M.
  6. No cooking or ironing is allowed inside the room. Use of electrical gadgets (such as room heaters, coolers etc.) is strictly prohibited.
  7. Residents should ensure that they do not indulge in any activity in the room that causes disturbance to roommates or other residents.
  8. The Common Room is for exclusive use of the residents.
  9. V. will be switched off and the room will be locked 10:30p.m.
  10. Residents should not move the furniture out of the Common Room to any other place in the hostel.
  11. All common areas including corridors should be kept clean and litter free. Any violation of this will invite penalty.

Disciplines for Health

  1. Students suffering from chronic illness and / or requiring special dietary and other case are advised not to apply for the hostel.
  2. Residents must have the required immunization.
  3. All residents must report major and minor illness immediately to the authorities.
  4. Residents must have their complete medical files with them during their stay in the hostel.
  5. Students will be admitted to the MGM Hospital in case of emergency. The cost will be borne by the students.
  6. The Local guardian / Parents are required to take charge of the patient thereafter.

Disciplines for Visitors and Guests

  1. Resident students may receive visitors between 4.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. (on all working days) and between 11a.m. to 7.30 p.m. on Sundays or public holidays.
  2. Visitors must sign in the register with the security at the hostel gate, every time they visit.
  3. No visitors are allowed to enter the hostel except during visiting hours.
  4. No visitors (including parents) will be allowed the use of any type of camera or filming equipments in the hostel without prior permission of the Warden.
  5. The hostel administration reserves the right to deny entry into the Hostel visitor’s room to any Visitor who fails to prove his / her identity or provide valid reasons for visiting the hostel.
  6. Woman guests are permitted to stay in the hostel (with the prior permission of the Warden) for a maximum period of one day.
  7. Guest charges (to be paid in advance) are Rs. 300/- per day per head. In exceptional circumstances (with prior permission of the Warden), Rs. 400/- per day per head will be charged after two days.
  8. Guests are required to sign in a register (maintained for this purpose) on arrival and departure.
  9. All guests are required to follow the rules of the hostel.
  10. The Warden reserves the right to refuse admission or terminate the stay of any guest, at any time without prior notice.
For Girls Hostel: Mrs. Prerana Dalvi

For Boys Hostel: Mr. S.G. Zaveri

Telephone: 91 (0240) 2481325 Fax: 91 (0240) 6601100

Girls Hostel: Ext.: 3040/3041

Boys Hostel: 91 (0240) 2482236 Ext: 529