MGM University        


Dr. Vandana Malode
Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

जगतजननी - JAGAT JANANI

A revolution started in early the eighties on the globe in the field of Engineering and technology. The sun of electronics rose across the horizon. This branch of engineering leaped with supersonic speed and dictated the world. The invention of ICs enhanced this revolution to its extreme, which is still continuing. Further,the very electronics gave birth to the magic box calledcomputersliterally changed the way the world works! In the course of time, the unmatched duo of electronics and computer impacted very stream of engineering and technology.

Today every field is directly or indirectly dependentonelectronics and computer engineering. Fields like Medical Instrumentation,Robotics,Machine Learning, Data science, Biomedical,Space and Aeronautics, Agriculture, Transport, Trade and Commerce,Banking and so onare totally developing on the firm base of Electronics and Computer. Electronics and computer based applications are an integrated part of digital revolution. The optimum performance of devices such as high speed, miniaturization, portability, power efficiency, cost, reliability and robustness are all boons of Electronics and Computer engineering.

During the pandemic of covid19 the world further realized the importance of electronic devices and computers. As the physical meetings and movements became impossible people largely depended on their electronic devices like mobile phones, computers and laptops to not just to do their office work from home but also connect with their loved ones and organize support.

All these devices were basically, developed and run by electronics and computer engineering. Moreover, most of the lifesavingmedical support systems like diagnostic centres, testing centres, operating devices and so are developed through joint innovations by medical science and electronic engineering.

Currently engineering aspirants are mostly thinking of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Space Engineering and other new technologies to study but these emerging inventions are all based on the giant foundation of Electronics and Computer Engineering. VLSI Technology is the heart of Electronics and Computer Engineering and future of world. There are countless opportunities in VLSI and future is very bright for the students. Aspiring students who opt for Electronic and Computer Engineering and study is diligently won’t regret their choice. As it is the core branch of all innovations, truly the JAGAT JANANI, mother of the world.