Title Of the Course:

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology or B.E (Information Technology).


Information Technology: 60 students 

Course Structure:

Aim of the Course

Aim of the course:
IT engineers now focus more of their skills on designing and troubleshooting useful software applications that take advantage of widely available hardware tools.
Fast engineering trends are coming up such as Smart Computing, AI & Cognitive systems, Internet of Things etc.

Vision of IT Department
To develop expertise of budding technocrats by imparting technical knowledge and value based education.

Mission of IT Department
A. Equipping the students with technical skills, soft skills and professional attitude.
B. Providing the state of art facilities to the students to excel as competent professionals, enterpreneurs and researchers.

Programme Educational Objectives :

• The graduates will utilize their expertise in IT industry and solve industry technological problems.
• Graduates should excel in engineering positions in industry and other organizations that emphasize design & implementation of IT applications.
• Graduates will be innovators & professionals in technology development, deployment & system implementation.
• Graduates will be pioneers in engineering, engineering management, research and higher education.
• Graduates will be good citizens & cultured human being with full appreciation of importance of IT professional ethical & social responsibilities.

Program Outcomes:

• PO1. Engineering Knowledge
• PO2. Problem Analysis
• PO3. Design/Development of Problem
• PO4. Conduct Investigation of Complex Problem
• PO5. Modern Tool Usage
• PO6. The Engineer and society
• PO7. Environment and Sustainability
• PO8. Ethics
• PO9. Individual and Team work
• PO10. Communication
• PO11. Project Management
• PO12. Life Long Learning


Sports and extracurricular activities

Technical Excellence(Technical Achievements) by staff and students

Career Opportunities

1. Software, web based applications, software engineering and information system industries.
2. As Managers, Freelancers, Project Managers, Multimedia Authors and Entrepreneurs.

3. Career as Network professionals.
4. Higher studies in the related discipline.
5. To work for BPO industry, multimedia animation
6. Government Jobs: Govt. Research Organization like BSNL, CDAC, ISRO, DRDO, AAI, SAIL, RRB, NIC, ECIL etc.
7. Public Service Commission
8. Research and Development