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       Facilities   Capacity of Rooms   Admission Process   Rules and Regulations    

Rules and Regulations

1.The academic year for the hostel will be considered from July to June. Student wishing to extend their stay after the said period (for any reason) will have to apply and pay separately.

2.Local Guardian cannot be changed or substituted throughout the whole year. For changing or substituting the local guardian, parents should personally introduce the new L.G. to the hostel authorities.

3.The student should deposit the hostel admission form at the beginning of the intended period along with the Demand Draft of requisite fees.

4.The hostel has been provided with the mess facility. The students have to take their food in the mess hall only.

5.Bringing outside Tiffin's is not allowed.

6.The students cannot claim for specific choice of their rooms.

7.Mutual exchange of room / room partner by the students is not allowed.

The Management shall have every right to increase / Decrease the hostel fees during the year.

8.Students are not allowed to keep more money or ornaments with them. If kept it is at their own risk. Complaints will not be entertained by the Management.

9.Ragging is strictly prohibited. The students who indulge in such activities and such other activities are liable for disciplinary action as are mentioned in the Maharashtra prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999 and will be expelled from the hostel immediately.

10.Disturbing other hostel mates, will invite severe punishment. It is expected that the students shall not engage themselves in any unlawful activities. Attendance is compulsory for all the students, which will be taken daily at 8.30pm. All the students should be present in the hostel premises by 8.30 pm. No student will be allowed to stay out after 8.30pm for any reason (tuition, dinner, Local Guardian.)

11.While leaving the hostel campus and returning to the hostel, it is compulsory to enter the necessary information in the register kept at the hostel gate.

12.Guests / Parents / Relatives /Friends are allowed only up to the visitors room in the visiting hours only (4 pm to 7.30 pm). They will not be entertained during the day.

13.The hostel warden/supervisor/Management representatives have every right of Inspection.

14.The Management/ its representatives /the warden have every right to inform the parents / the guardians about the behavior and the conduct of the students during their stay in the hostel.

15.Students are not allowed to go on picnics / sight seeing without prior permission of the hostel authority /College authority.

16.In case the hosteller requires staying with the Local Guardian, the Local Guardian with whom the hosteller intends to stay shall have to come personally to the hostel during office hours and apply for taking him / her with the prior permission of the authority. Only then the hosteller will be permitted to leave the hostel campus. Rooms should be vacated before leaving the hostel.

17.Disobedience to the hostel warden /supervisors who reside in the hostel will invite severe punishment.

18.The students should not use any electrical appliances (irons, heaters…) in the rooms. If found, the appliances shall be forfeited and the student shall be liable for disciplinary action.

19.The students should read the notices displayed on the notice board regularly.

20.The students are liable to any damage of the furniture and fixtures provided to them in the room during their stay.

21.Furnished guest house is available for guest (mother/sister/friend) of any student who wishes to stay.

22.It is the responsibility of the students to strictly follow the above rules / instructions. If these are not followed or violated by the student the management shall have right to take disciplinary action, including the expulsion from the hostel.