CSE Lab Manuals


1. Digital Electronics Operating System Datawarehouse and DataMining
2. Data Structure Using C Database Management System Principles of Compiler Design
3. Introduction to Web Prograaming Programming In Java Visual Modeling
4. Unix And Shell Programming Digital Image Processing Elective-1
(Artificial Intelligence)
( Internet of Things)
5. Computer Network-I Software Development Lab-I(Windows Net Framework and C# Programming) Elective-2
(Cloud Computing)


1. Object Oriented Programming using C++ Advance Java Computer System and Security Laws
2. Microprocessors Design &Analysis of Algorithm Mobile Computing
3. Computer Graphics Software Testing And Quality Assurance Soft Computing
4. Open Source Lab Computer Network-II Elective-1( Agile Methodolgy)
5. Software Development Lab-II(Mobile Application Lab) Elective-2(Green IT)